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12 August 2009

A "Book" back in time.

Over the last weekend my partner and i headed in to the foothills of the Black Mountains and stopped at the border town of Hay on Wye, a place that is renowned for antique books. We spent our time scouring the shelves in the constant search for recipes of the yester year. Ending our time there with lightened pockets and arms full it was very inspiring, eating in the local pubs where the traditional local fayre is still on the menu. We had the pleasure of eating some of the finest Black Mountain beef (supplied by Brecon Venison Co.) and sampled some great Welsh beers such Butty Bach (Wye valley brewery. On our return we called in to Myrther Tydfil Wales' old financial capital and birth places of Lloyd George and sampled cheeses at the Blaenavon Cheese and mountain centre and beers from the rumney brewery. What a weekend!

We will be stocking bottled beers from all over Wales. I am sure we have many more to sample, hick, hick!. We are looking to offer a culinary experience of Wales here at Sosban Fach, so if you have any suggestion of breweries please do let us know.

27 July 2009

A taste of things to come

I had guests this evening. Our friends who design our website came down to stay with us. I thought this the perfect opportunity for them to try some of the dishes I have been developing. Guinea pigs so to speak :-)

We started with Caviar Cymreig, which is a laverbread based dip served with Bara yn y clai pot (bread in a clay pot). Laverbread is a type of seaweed found on the rocky coast of south Wales.

While waiting for the appetisers we sampled the Double Dragon beer from the Felinfoul brewery, which was just lush. And no, we weren't feelin' foul :-)

We had two appetisers. The first one was Cregyn gleision mewn seidr. A delicious dish of mussels cooked with a broth of Welsh cider, garlic and cream, served with a chunk of Bara Planc (bakestone bread) to mop up the juices. Of course we had to finish of the flagen of Ralph's Welsh Perry.

The second appetiser was Cawl cig oen (lamb broth). This is taken from a family recipe and is my name sake. I was christened Stew-art.

By the time we we finished the appetisers we were totally full-up. That didn't stop our friends from continuing. They delved in to the Cig oen a Mintys (Minted Lamb) as if it was the first dish I served them.

The second main dish was fish, Brithyll a bacwn (Trout with bacon). A totally unexpected combination, but judging from their empty dishes, a succesful recipe. We opened a bottle of Vine Leaf wine from Cwm Deri Estate in Pembrokshire to go with the trout.

Granted this was a large meal, but I simply couldn't allow them to leave the table without tasting my Teisen Lap (Moist Cake) or the rich, creamy Caerphilly Cheese from Trethowans Dairy washed down with traditional Welsh Cream liqueur from Condessa.

Judging by my first test on human beings, my research has paid off and I am on the right track. It is all very nice to hear good feedback from ones friends, but what matters of course is to hear opinions from prospective customers. If you have any comments, good or bad please leave a comment. I love to hear them.


23 July 2009

Opening soon in Cardiff Bay

Opening soon in the heart of old Cardiff bay will be a new restaurant featuring an exciting culinary experience. Feauturing a range of authentic dishes taken from recipes cooked throughout Wales for many years dating back as far as the Romans and right up to present time. Inspired by Welsh culture stretching from the markets of Abergavenny to the shores of Pembrokeshire and from Cardiff to Conway.

Our experienced chefs have studied various reference and history books in order to put together an outstanding array of truly Welsh dishes, designed to excite the palate and bring back memories that have fed a truly great nation.

Very soon you will be able to experience for yourself the 'True Taste of Wales'.